JamesLinda0553 v2My mission is to TRANSFORM the way the world sleeps. I've studied the science of sleep, interviewed experts and written books on relaxation, sleep and other life strategies.  I am confident you can apply these techniques TONIGHT and begin to transform the quality of your sleep.  

What qualifies me? I suffered from insomnia for most of my adult life.  The problem started in college when I used to pull "all-nighters" to study. This poor habit threw off my circadian rhythms or sleep cycles for a long time. I've tried a number of sleep-aids but worried about their side effects and health risks.  

My insomnia continued after college and was made worst after the birth of my two sons.  Like most infants, my boys had problems distinguishing day from night.  As a result, like all mothers, I had to figure oSognare Awardut how to get some sleep while my babies slept. 

In addition, my husband's erratic work schedule wrecked my sleep patterns even more. Somedays he would have to get up at 4am, two hours after I'd gone to bed.  He would turn on the lights and interrupted my sleep.  I tried a number of things to combat light pollution and gave birth to an award-winning, patent pending inventions--the Sognare Pillow Case and the Sognare Travel and Nap Pillow.  (To learn more about this product, click HERE.)

As if light weren't enough, sounds were also an issue and being a light sleeper didn't help...  Even the slightest sound complicated matters.  

To makes matters worse, after my husband left for work my running thoughts kept me awake!  

I was frustrated!  I searched for solutions to my lack of sleep and tested some options:

  • Linda+Rome+PortraitTried and found different scents, teas, lotions sleeping positions and even pillows to induce sleep.
  • Found ways to ease my worries and develop strategies to that improve my life... and my sleep.
  • Discovered foods that helped me sleep and beverages to avoid because they interfered with sleep

Then I found the formula to good sleep depended on a combination of all these things.

This combination was even critical when away from home.  Even though I love to travel, I found it difficult to sleep on planes, trains, cars and hotels. The lights, noise and thoughts kept me awake again!

To help me sleep while traveling,  I also invented the patented, award-winning Sognare Travel and Nap Pillow, along with other sleep strategies (To learn more about this product, click HERE.)


You can apply these techniques and begin transforming the quality of your sleep this evening.  Give these a try and...

Sleep Well,


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