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Attention Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business Owners and Busy Parents: Wake up Rested, Restored and Reenergized!

For The High Achiever

I work exclusively with entrepreneurs, executives and high-powered individuals like you who need their sleep to perform and can't afford to have a bad day.  Relax, I've done all the legwork for you.

Personalized Coaching

If you're otherwise healthy, the personalized one-on-one coaching and a custom-made sleep plan can help you make a quantum shift in your sleep experience. 

Holistic Approach

Sleeplessness in healthy adults can be caused by a myriad of reasons.  My approach is to help evaluate these potential causes and prepare a coaching program that can help resolve your sleep problems.

Expertise and Experience

My mission is to help you navigate through the maze of sleeplessness!  I have studied the science of sleep, interviewed experts and talked about this topic in self-help books, podcast and my blog.

Sleep.  You need it, yet never get enough...


Good rest provides enormous benefits to your mind, your body and even your soul...No matter who or where you are, you need sleep and plenty of it!

Unfortunately, despite the importance of sleep, you often don't get enough.  You've got a business, a profession, a family, etc. depending on you being at your best. Unfortunately, slumber does not arrive... You toss and turn, literally fighting to get that extra hour or more of rest.  

This site is dedicated for you.  It's here to help you discover the secrets to help create an environment where you can quickly and consistently enjoy good quality of sleep.  You are welcome to explore and possibly learn the one thing that will help you sleep better tonight.

Now, I'm neither a medical doctor nor a Ph.D., but like you, I've also struggled with sleep. Read my story and discover how I've conquered insomnia and what I've learned in this journey.


The Secrets To Good Sleep. Control Them To Improve Your Sleep Quality

light and sleep, polllution

You are constantly bombarded by light pollution.  Whether is from smart phones, 24 hr television, laptop computers and other devices.  This attack keeps you  awake at night at home or on the road.  These present an unique problem for you.  The more light at the wrong time, the greater impact on your sleep quality.

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You're born with hearing for both protection and enjoyment. The sounds you hear can also calm or rattle your nerves when sleeping.  These sounds can range from pouring rain, the faintest hum, your favorite music, the busy city below or the rhythmic beat of a mother's heart.  Each type of sound will have a helpful or harmful effect on sleep.

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Our sense of smell is powerful enough to help us fall asleep.  There are many fragrances out there at our disposal.  In my personal search for drug-free sleep helpers I've uncovered several fragrances similar to this helpful plant. I've also discovered ways to deliver these fragrances just at the right time--- before going to bed.

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You are what you eat! Foods can support detract from your ability to rest. Your sense of taste can be both a foe and a friend in this effort.  From drinks to food, you have many options from which to choose.

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Sleep and comfort go hand in hand. From the day you're born, you starve for a comfortable environment to sleep.  Comfort equates to peace, calm and consistency, three things you need to sleep well. 

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worried woman, sleep

To get the sleep you need, you need to control those racing thoughts.  These thoughts come from our imagination and result in three weapons that destroy your ability to sleep: fear, anxiety and worry.

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